Crawdaddy: Nice Bones

Crawdaddy: Nice Bones
Title: Nice Bones
Label: CD Baby

When I redevelop an old building, my first task is to strip off all the old paint, stucco, siding, interior walls, ceiling, and floor coverings. Now, if I started with a sweet vintage structure, I'm usually left with some NICE BONES. Then I just add back the right components, creating a new edifice to hopefully shine for another sixty years. I use the same approach in music, whether I am crafting a Crawdaddy original or re-interpreting a mid-century classic. Having grown up in that magical musical cradle called the American Gulf Coast, I combine the best 'building materials' called Groove, Energy, Tone, & Space. This approach usually GETS the job done. Please enjoy my latest construction project.

1.1 The Breakdown
1.2 No Valentine
1.3 Just Got Paid
1.4 Young Boy
1.5 Baby I Love You
1.6 Dreams
1.7 Dna
1.8 Wee JT
1.9 Tunnel Vision
1.10 Blue Monday
1.11 All That You Dream
1.12 I Just Wanna Make Love to You
1.13 I Got a Woman
1.14 Nice Bones

Crawdaddy: Nice Bones

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