Crayon: Brick Factory

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Product Type: CASSETTES
Artist: Crayon

Title: Brick Factory
Label: Happy Happy Birthday
Product Type: CASSETTES

CASSETTE pressing. Sometime around 1992/93, after the rise of Alternative Rock and before the death of Kurt Cobain, there was a sweet spot in the pop-culture landscape for DIY Punk, Noise Rock and the many permutations of lo-fi Pop. And perhaps no band was sweeter or more lo-fi than Crayon. Born in the sleepy college town of Bellingham, Washington and influenced by the Northwest scene that had earlier spawned Beat Happening, Crayon took the burgeoning sound of Twee Pop and added Punk elements. Crayon sounded something like a cross between UK Indie Pop bands like the Pastels and more abrasive American bands like Unwound. Between 1991- 94 Crayon released a handful of singles and one full length album, BRICK FACTORY.

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