Creeping Myrtle

Creeping Myrtle: Ode to the Urchin

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Artist: Creeping Myrtle

Artist: Creeping Myrtle
Title: Ode to the Urchin

Randal Prater was the songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist for Creeping Myrtle, a band/project that spanned from the beginning of 1994 to the end of 2003. A full decade and three albums of output. 'Kindergarten' was the first album and consisted of the early EP collection before 'Ode to the Urchin' followed in 1999. 'Devils in the Details' was the final album released in 2003 on Doldrum Records. Randal then went on to form The Pagan States and released one self-titled album in 2006, also on Doldrum. Currently, Randal is on the cusp of releasing his first solo album where he played and recorded all the parts himself. Look for that on March 20th. Related links:

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