Cripple Creek Fairies

Cripple Creek Fairies: Fire in Yer Hole

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Cripple Creek Fairies
Title: Fire in Yer Hole

Fire In Yer Hole is the CCF's 3rd album. Following on the heels of their CD/comic book 'The Fist!', the band flew back into the studio to crank out another greasy slab of lady-wooing riff-rock. Once they took care of that messy buisness they wrapped it in some amazing artwork by Canadian Ghoul/Artiste' Tomb and now here it is, ready for your listening pleasure. The CCF have shared the stage with the likes of Mudhoney, The Donnas, Deadbolt, The Supersuckers, Tricky Woo, Bionic, C'Mon, White Cowbell Oklahoma, The Gossip, Nashville Pussy & The spitfires.

1.1 Fire in Yer Hole
1.2 Coming Closer
1.3 That Lady
1.4 Shin Pow on Our Tail
1.5 Convoy Creep
1.6 Going Down
1.7 Gonna Be Respected
1.8 Graveyard Fox
1.9 Busdriver
1.10 Elected
1.11 Magic
1.12 Livin' Large
1.13 She Sells Stem Cells
1.14 Outta Here

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