Crisis: Hotline

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Artist: Crisis

Artist: Crisis
Title: Hotline

As definitive rock bands throughout time have molded a talent their own, the Crisis is blasting their claim onto the threshold of today's musical scene. Hailing from the heart of Pasadena, Texas, the Crisis is a super group consisting of a forefront of vocals by BC, and two members of Faceplant; G3 on bass, and Charlie (founder and creator of Faceplant) on drums. In mounting popularity, they have wielded onto the stage as a prodigy that will command your attention. With an ability to harness a broad range of the musical spectrum, this powerhouse is pioneering a new blend of edge and charisma that will have you screaming for more. As winners of Sherlock's (Pub) Battle of the Bands in Sept '06, the Crisis shuns the ordinary as they've begun to mix a new brew of musical concoction that is dangerously addictive while leaving their mark upon stages throughout the southeast. With an approach that is both innovative and electric, they deliver audiences with a presence that is simply magnetic. Yes, that means performances with surprising original twists that can incorporate audiences. Yes, it means mastering riffs and rhythms that will have you singing to songs of our times. Their rocked-up style and natural appeal will have your complex emotions singing their praise and definitely feeling the need to scream, 'Oh, hell yeah!'

1.1 See No Evil
1.2 Ring Around the Rosie
1.3 Interglactic (The Spaceman Song)
1.4 Here's to Fate
1.5 Stilts

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