Crispian st. Peters: Pied Piper: Complete Recordings 1965-1974

Crispian st. Peters: Pied Piper: Complete Recordings 1965-1974
Title: Pied Piper: Complete Recordings 1965-1974
Label: Cherry Red

2017 two CD collection. Crispian St. Peters was a folk/pop singer-songwriter who enjoyed significant success in the mid-'60s, his career fueled by some infamous boasts about his musical talents (his claim that he was better than Elvis and The Beatles caused an outrage at the time). Signing to Decca in 1965, Crispian broke through with the UK # 2 hit 'You Were On My Mind' in 1966 (it also made the Top 40 Stateside), followed by perhaps his most famous song, 'The Pied Piper', which was Top 5 on both sides of the Atlantic. He also had a minor UK/US hit with 'Changes'. The Pied Piper does exactly what it says on the package: for the first time, this remastered set offers Crispian's complete recorded output for various labels across nigh on a decade, starting with early singles 'At This Moment' and 'No, No, No' and ending with a one-off single for Santa Ponsa. Both of Crispian's albums are represented in their entirety: his 1966 Decca album Follow Me... and his scarce 1970 album for the obscure Square label, Simply Crispian St. Peters. Several recordings on this authoritative 50-track package made their debut on this set. Also included are his single under the pseudonym Country Smith, and several tracks boasting sessioneers Jimmy Page and Big Jim Sullivan on guitar. The Pied Piper offers Crispian St. Peters's entire recordings from 1965-1974 in one place, remastered with detailed sleevenotes in the accompanying booklet. Sadly, Crispian passed away in 2010 but this new package offers a fitting epitaph to his musical legacy.

1.1 At This Moment
1.2 You'll Forget Me, Goodbye
1.3 No, No, No
1.4 Three Goodbyes
1.5 You Were on My Mind
1.6 What I'm Gonna Be
1.7 The Pied Piper
1.8 Sweet Dawn My True Love
1.9 Your Love Has Gone
1.10 Jilly Honey
1.11 When We Meet
1.12 It's a Funny Feeling
1.13 So Long
1.14 But She's Untrue
1.15 Goodbye to You
1.16 Willingly
1.17 Without You
1.18 That's the Way I Feel
1.19 That Little Chain
1.20 Changes
1.21 My Little Brown Eyes
1.22 Your Ever Changin' Mind
1.23 Almost Persuaded
1.24 You Have Gone
1.25 Free Spirit
1.26 I'm Always Crying
2.1 Laura
2.2 I Fall to Pieces
2.3 Sweet Lies
2.4 That's the Time
2.5 The Silent Times
2.6 Low Bad Hurting (As Country Smith)
2.7 No Longer Mine (As Country Smith)
2.8 Look Into My Teardrops
2.9 Carolina
2.10 That's Why We Are Through
2.11 Wandering Hobo
2.12 No Longer Mine
2.13 On and on
2.14 I Made Her That Way
2.15 I Met You
2.16 Please Take Me Back
2.17 Look Into My Teardrops
2.18 Monumental Queen
2.19 Love, Love, Love
2.20 I'm Gonna Have a Little Talk with You Friend
2.21 Soft As a Rose
2.22 I've Cried a Mile
2.23 Do Daddy Do
2.24 Every Time You Sinned

Crispian st. Peters: Pied Piper: Complete Recordings 1965-1974

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