Crispy Ambulance

Crispy Ambulance: Accessory After the Fact

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Crispy Ambulance
Title: Accessory After the Fact

An all-new live album by cult Manchester new wave band Crispy Ambulance. The 70 minute CD contains all original material performed by the group at their one-off hometown reunion show on November 5 1999 including favorites such as Deaf the Presence United Are You Ready? Travel Time & the Plateau Phase as well as previously unheard material such as Come on Say Shake & Open Gates of Fire. The CD is a digital recording produced by the band & Graham Massey (of 808 State) & a must have.

1.1 Are You Ready?
1.2 Deaf
1.3 Come on
1.4 Federation
1.5 Travel Time
1.6 The Presence
1.7 Lucifer Rising
1.8 Choral
1.9 Nightfall Ends the Ceasefire
1.10 The Plateau Phase
1.11 United
1.12 Say Shake
1.13 Open, Gates of Fire
1.14 Sound Block

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