Crown of Fog

Crown of Fog: Crown of Fog

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Crown of Fog

Title: Crown of Fog
Label: CD Baby

Crown of Fog is the first album created by the band of the same name. Crown of Fog is currently made up of two members, Topher M. Lewis (Mr. Dark Keys, Woke With a Plan) and Lily Sloane, who reside in San Francisco. Topher and Lily met in 2002 while working in a coffee shop in their hometown of Petaluma, CA. They realized they shared musical interests but it took an entire decade for them to finally collaborate on a project. Lily wrote the lyrics to the songs on Crown of Fog over a few years, playing around with different compositions and recording. However, it wasn't until joining forces with Topher, who contributed his electronic music and production skills, that the songs began to really take shape. The result is a grouping of nine songs, each driven by intense yet playful rhythmic structures, dreamy and dark soundscapes, and intimate vocals. These compositions serve to create a mood conducive to the pensive lyrics expressive of Lily's ongoing struggle to understand the self.

1.1 Waitingtime
1.2 Love Is a Hard to Read Font
1.3 Wartime
1.4 Crown of Fog
1.5 Just a Kid
1.6 I Woke You Up
1.7 Piles of Flesh
1.8 Crown of Fog (Ezbake Remix)
1.9 Dreamtime

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