Crown Season Two / O.S.T.

Crown Season Two / O.S.T.: The Crown (Season Two Soundtrack)

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Title: The Crown (Season Two Soundtrack)
Label: Sony Masterworks

The Crown returns for a second season to continue the telling of the inside story of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, as the fragile social order established after the Second World War breaks apart. The music in the first season conveyed a sense of awe and wonder. But Season Two hits a darker tone, reflected in a bigger and more menacing orchestral sound. Co-composer Lorne Balfe says that's because the characters have matured. "The queen is now a reigning monarch instead of a young girl given this position," Balfe says. "It's a different journey for them and that's why the music evolves."

1.1 Bounden Duty
1.2 Dismissed
1.3 The Downfall
1.4 Homesick
1.5 Your Majesty
1.6 Headlines
1.7 Radio Speech
1.8 Future King
1.9 Christmas Message
1.10 New Guinea Match
1.11 We Shall Go to War
1.12 Be My Portrait
1.13 Philip's Dream
1.14 Princess Margaret
1.15 Critical Article
1.16 I Have No Choice
1.17 A New Chapter
1.18 Bring Him Home

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