Crown the Empire

Crown the Empire: Retrograde

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Artist: Crown the Empire
Title: Retrograde
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited colored vinyl LP pressing including digital download. Art should confront and challenge convention, but Crown the Empire take it one step further. Since bursting onto the scene in 2012, Crown the Empire have shown no signs of slowing down on their undeniable course toward world domination. Crown the Empire are back with their 2016 album, Retrograde, the highly anticipated follow up to the band's previous release, The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways, which debuted at #7 on the Billboard Top 200 with over 25,000 copies sold in it's first week. Retrograde is Crown the Empire at their best, each song maliciously hand crafted. When you break it down, Crown the Empire are storytellers for a new generation; nothing is a mistake. Every detail, element, structure, chorus, and breakdown is planned, and the album flows like the plot of a theatrical film. There's a reason why magazines have been putting Crown the Empire on their covers and there's a reason the band gets offered multiple tours each quarter: it's because fans truly believe in the band and care about what they're doing. Their fan base is a cult-like army, who truly believe and support them. It's what separates Crown the Empire from everyone else, and it's why Retrograde is going to keep the band on their upward trajectory.

1.1 SK-68
1.2 Are You Coming with Me?
1.3 Zero
1.4 Aftermath
1.5 Hologram
1.6 The Fear Is Real
2.1 Lucky Us
2.2 Weight of the World
2.3 Signs of Life
2.4 Oxygen
2.5 Kaleidoscope

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