Crying Lion

Crying Lion: Golden Boat

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Artist: Crying Lion

Artist: Crying Lion
Title: Golden Boat
Product Type: VINYL LP

Refreshing, rootedly odd, mostly unaccompanied four-part-harmony singing recorded in Govan Old Parish Church, Glasgow, by members of Trembling Bells and Muldoon's Picnic. Elements of Sacred Harp, Gregorian chant, medieval madrigal, and English folk, with poetic influences including Maya Deren, Saint John the Divine, and Dennis Potter - a unique blend of the visionary and the earthly, the intimate and glorious. Silkscreened sleeve.

1.1 Lamp Of The Invisible Light
1.2 Christ Made A Trance
1.3 The Golden Boat
1.4 The Kingdom Within
1.5 The Wakefield Anthem
1.6 Andalusian Moon
1.7 Tincture Of Tears

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