Csdj: Virtu Outre

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Artist: Csdj

Artist: Csdj
Title: Virtu Outre

Virtu Outre, the debut album from CSDJ, was recorded in late 2005 at Latitude Studio, in Portland Oregon. Totaling 51 minutes, Virtu Outre takes the listener to a creative soundscape that is confidently juxtaposed with jazz organ, rock guitar, classic piano, driving electronic beats, orchestral movements and alien sound samples. Virtu Outre, both as a whole, and as individual tracks, build, climax and transition with a smooth landing. The high energy that Virtu Outre possesses is part of the perfect soundtrack for road trips, working out, parties, or just being creative. Virtu: meaning, love of or taste for fine objects of art, and Outre: eccentric or bizarre, describes the album as a finished piece, and each of the ten track titles were carefully chosen to fit the feeling of each track. Influenced by various legendary musicians, as well as the unfortunately unknown, Virtu Outre is an audible experience that is easily accessible even if your musical taste falls outside of the electronica genre.

1.1 Undulant
1.2 Rara Avis
1.3 Euphonious
1.4 Arcanum
1.5 Aplomb
1.6 Sui Generis
1.7 Melange
1.8 Recherche
1.9 Nimbus
1.10 Denouement

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