Cthekon: Recognize the Truth

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cthekon

Title: Recognize the Truth
Label: CD Baby

Christian S. Santiago AKA CtheKon, is set to physically release his new album titled "Cthekon Recognize the Truth" in November 15th 2014. The new and upcoming star is a rap/hiphop artist from South Florida. The album which has thirteen songs is set to hit the hip hop world by storm, given the kind of reception that some of the singles have received. The Album which is produced by Insane sounds aims at satisfying the hip hop fans with mind bending rhymes schemes convoluted story telling and great lyrical content. A fan who is eagerly waiting for the release of the album could not hide the excitement, after getting a hint that the artist is due to release the album soon. The fan who has listened to some of the singles in the album describes the artist as one of the most promising in the industry. The fan equated CtheKon with great stars, saying that listening to his music he was reminded of stars such as Eminem and Hopsin. The flavor and the versatility exhibited by the artist put him in the same line as the two artist before they became famous. Another fan was full of praise for the upcoming artist, "you come across as a pro at what you do, therefore I can tell you believe in what you do and put your all into it. I don't see that often with artist. From your cover, to the quality of your music, delivery, and style- it's obvious that you take your craft seriously, "noted the artist. The 13 songs in the album are: Writer's Block, Metafornia, Holla where he is featuring Joni Waka, The title of the album Recognize the truth, Age of Technology, a song which he features Spittz, Double agent, A Way Out, Big Catch,a song he has featured Charlee B, I Know Better, a song done with Alicia Renee, I Found You and two bonus tracks Knotty 'Nuff and All Around. "Of the songs in the album, my personal favorite is the Recognize the Truth because I have an appreciation of the music track. Anything with a classical sound pimped out into a hip hop song makes me fall in love with it... mainly because that's the kind of tracks that I like to produce as well, "said a producer who endorsed the album for it's content and the artist ability to deliver. "The song Recognize the truth is one of my favorite, the artist has a great story telling abilities, he has actually taken the time to make everything make sense! Something that not many rappers do. There is an amazing potential in this artist, the songs are hot, they will blow up and make everyone fall in love with the artist," said one of the fans. While asked what the album represents, the artist had this to say " Cthekon represents noticing/realizing something. Recognize the truth, don't be a victim of yourself!"

1.1 Writer's Block (Idk) [Explicit]
1.2 Metafornia [Explicit]
1.3 Holla
1.4 Recognize the Truth [Explicit]
1.5 Age of Technology
1.6 Double Agent
1.7 A Way Out
1.8 The Big Catch [Explicit]
1.9 I Know Better [Explicit]
1.10 I Found You
1.11 Trust Me
1.12 Knotty'nuff (Bonus Track)
1.13 All Around (Bonus Track) [Explicit]

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