Cubby Creatures

Cubby Creatures: After the Deprogramming

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Artist: Cubby Creatures

Artist: Cubby Creatures
Title: After the Deprogramming

After the Deprogramming was to be The Cubby Creatures' last full-length release before they decided to stop rehearsing and playing live shows (which was decided about a year after it's release). The album was released when The Cubby Creatuers consisted of just four members: Brian, Bill, Emily and Jason. However, the recording includes songs that were written when co-founder Jol was in the band, as well as songs that were often performed when Karl was still in the band.

1.1 Electric Goat
1.2 Static Fuzz
1.3 There's Always Now
1.4 Bonemaker's Theme
1.5 Pawn Takes Queen
1.6 Wallet
1.7 Song for the Secret
1.8 Antenna
1.9 Age of Smoke
1.10 Maybe It'd Be Better
1.11 Night Comfort Theater

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