Cubic Feet

Cubic Feet: Across the River

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cubic Feet

Artist: Cubic Feet
Title: Across the River

Cubic Feet's "Across the River" was first issued as a 4 song vinyl EP in 1989. After 2 more years in the studio, the record was released on CD in it's present form. Excellent songs by the band and production by Pete Solley (Romantics, Oingo Boingo) and Dave Adams make this one a classic!

1.1 Different Definitions
1.2 So You Wanna Be Friends
1.3 Across the River
1.4 Breathless
1.5 Only After Dark
1.6 Fly Around the World
1.7 King of Nothing
1.8 Little White Lies
1.9 Put Me Out of My Pain
1.10 Stay

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