Cult of Riggonia

Cult of Riggonia: Nematode Rodriguez Presents Harry Chanchfield

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Artist: Cult of Riggonia
Title: Nematode Rodriguez Presents Harry Chanchfield
Product Type: VINYL LP

Psychedelic collective from Macon, GA. Waves of texture with catchy melodies that rise up from the primordial stew. Hints of Captain Beefheart, Animal Collective, Gong, and African music. Their live show is a full-on sensory experience with video projections, costumes, and stuffed animals. There are whoop and hollers, and they chant together in a language of their own construction. The drummer has a spastic high energy style that relates more to free jazz than ordinary pop music. The things he does with a drumstick with one hand, while working a sampler with the other are truly mind blowing.

1.1 Janny Cotchas
1.2 Speegin Crancheevs
1.3 Aaromalang
1.4 Charis Tonight!
1.5 Dwell Neo Dwell
1.6 Cratchin to Safety
1.7 Icers Escape
1.8 Hatman
1.9 Fresh Produce
1.10 Crest Steegs Are Upon Us!

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