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Curiosity Shop: Above the Glass

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Curiosity Shop

Artist: Curiosity Shop
Title: Above the Glass

This is there debut album from 98, as there first recording effort it shows their youth, but as an indipendant band whose members were only 19 at the time it shows great potential. With complex string, horns and vocal arrangements it is much more than the typical first indie release. Well I hope this has peaked your curiosity and you will listen to the album for yourself. Matt.

1.1 The Idea of a Statue
1.2 My Jacket
1.3 The Angry One
1.4 Think of Our Tree
1.5 Freshly Paved
1.6 She's Got My Darts
1.7 The Sweet Serendipity Suite
1.8 Egg the Flat
1.9 Dreams of Piccadilly
1.10 Mister Unreliable
1.11 Her Hazel Reflection
1.12 It Helps to Keep the Rain Off
1.13 Neverending Green
1.14 My Forever and Ever

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