Cursive: Happy Hollow

Cursive: Happy Hollow
Title: Happy Hollow
Label: Saddle Creek
Product Type: VINYL LP

Their most recent record, "The Ugly Organ", racked up considerable accolades: named one of 2003's best records by Blender, called "the best album of (the band's) career" by the NY Times, and given a 4-star rating by Rolling Stone. "Happy Hollow" is an expansion of their trademark discordant swell, marked by a new bounce, a buoyant strut, and a recognition that hey, this is fun. Dissonant yet distinctively melodic guitar sounds and front man Kasher's ever-cathartic yowl now mesh and clash with horns, piano, accordion, and other instruments. The themes addressed here include shattered American dreams, small town malaise, and religious hypocrisy. Never repeating themselves, always pushing forward artistically, and never settling, Cursive raise the bar with yet another groundbreaking record.

1.1 Opening the Hymnal/Babies
1.2 Dorothy at Forty
1.3 Big Bang
1.4 Bad Sects
1.5 Flag and Family
1.6 Dorothy Dreams of Tornados
1.7 Retreat!
1.8 Sunks
1.9 At Conception
1.10 So-So Gigolo
1.11 Bad Science
1.12 Into the Fold
1.13 Rise Up! Rise Up!
1.14 Hymns for the Heathen

Cursive: Happy Hollow

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