Curt Bouterse

Curt Bouterse: Banjer on My Knee

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Artist: Curt Bouterse

Artist: Curt Bouterse
Title: Banjer on My Knee

Curt Bouterse: Vocals, hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, autoharp, spoons, kubing, fife, drum, and banjos. L. Lee Davis: Vocals. Ray Bierl: Vocals, fiddle, and guitar. Larry Hanks: Vocals and guitar. This album is dedicated to my two traditional music fathers and gurus, now both departed, Robert Stuart "Stu" Jamieson (1922-2009) and Sam Duffie Hinton (1917-2009). Even more than my previous recordings, this is a tribute to the folk process and my small part in it. In the world of traditional music, it's not just a poetic truth that 'no man is an island.' The creation, shaping, and ultimate acceptance of any tune is the effort of families, villages, and nations of listeners and performers. This is a collection of favorite songs transmitted and inspired by some of the wonderful people I have met over the past half century. Many of them were learned in the oral tradition from these great singers and players while others were created 'under the influence.' In all cases, I owe a great debt to those who have gone before me and hope my efforts help keep both their memories and the traditions of these songs alive. Once again, I am joined by my favorite singing partner, my sister, L. Lee Davis. I am proud to be able to work with my old friend of some 40 years, Ray Bierl, a fantastic fiddler, as well as Larry Hanks, an excellent musician, all-around nice guy, and best traditional bass voice in the nation. -Curtis Carlisle Bouterse April 2010 Produced by George Winston and Adam Miller. All songs arranged and adapted by Curt Carlise Bouterse. Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Dan de la Isla, DLI Studios, Pacific Beach, California, except: "Gold Watch and Chain," "Life's Railway to Heaven," "Hey, Ben!" "Good Old Chicken Pie," "Felicita," and "Lone Prairie" recorded April 13, 2009 by Howard Johnson, Broken Radio Studio, San Francisco, California. Photography by Virginia Curtiss, San Diego, California (Circa 1978). Graphic Design by Ivan Stiles Graphic Design / Illustration, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Manufactured by Media Technology Services, Inc., Calabasas, California. © 2010 Dancing Cat Records. All Rights Reserved. Made in the USA.

1.1 Gold Watch and Chain Waltz
1.2 Rocky Hill
1.3 Jennie Jenkins
1.4 Early in the Morning
1.5 Life's Railway to Heaven
1.6 Froggy Went A-Courtin'
1.7 Hey, Ben!
1.8 Hills of Mexico
1.9 Good Old Chicken Pie
1.10 Oh, Death
1.11 Gold Rush Medley
1.12 Little Birdie/Glory in the Meeting House
1.13 Brother Green
1.14 Felicita
1.15 Yonder's Gallows Tree
1.16 Ducks on the Pond
1.17 Lone Prairie
1.18 Promised Land

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