Cush: Between the Leaves

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Artist: Cush

Artist: Cush
Title: Between the Leaves

On it's third album, the Burlington-by-way-of-Texas group led by Burette and Gabrielle Douglas refines it's mastery of mysterious music that builds slowly and hypnotically, then hits you with a swirling guitar sledgehammer you never saw coming. - Burlington Free Press best of 2009 review Even more than on earlier efforts, the pair's attention to melody is striking, the sonic swarms augmenting their songwriting. From start to finish, the album is a tour de force. - Seven Days Vermont album review Let's up the ante and say they're the best band in the upper northeast - Songs Ohio.

1.1 Telepathic Headdress
1.2 The Vigilant Ones
1.3 I Shout Love at the Heart of the Atom
1.4 Desert Day
1.5 Northern Memory
1.6 The Deer and the Owl
1.7 We Are the Beautiful Sunsets
1.8 Tinseltown
1.9 Between the Leaves
1.10 Geuraldi (Peace Like a River)
1.11 Denver

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