Cush: New Appreciation for Sunshine

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cush

Artist: Cush
Title: New Appreciation for Sunshine

Interspersed with guitar blasts that suggest Zuma era Neil Young jamming with Low. The Cush recall so many great bands without sounding derivative or unoriginal - Northeast performer Currently Vermont's secret, The Cush have delivered a fine record that's well worth seeking out and thoroughly deserves to generate the band much wider acclaim than they seem to have garnered thus far. - Geraint Jones - comes with a smile UK.

1.1 Searching for the Sun
1.2 The Drone
1.3 Small Town Movie
1.4 Heart Shaped Melody
1.5 You're Free
1.6 Dandelion Wine
1.7 Distance
1.8 Roll Me
1.9 Seagreen
1.10 Reprise
1.11 Last American Right

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