Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours

Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours
Artist: Cut Copy
Title: In Ghost Colours

Cut Copy return in 2008 with the shimmering timelessness of IN GHOST COLOURS. Haunted with machines of the past and sounds of the future, Cut Copy inhabit the kind of space in time where trends are irrelevant and music is about feeling rather than following and 1969 is just as relevant as 2020. At once both jacking and jangly, electronic and organic, Cut Copy have crafted a record filled with glorious sounds and moods and that unashamedly pops with hooks and melodies for eons. IN GHOST COLOURS traverses effortlessly, from already-anthem "Hearts on Fire"'s epic sax-house to the noisy blissout of "So Haunted". for Cut Copy the record was an exercise in drawing parallels between favorites old and new and trying to find a meeting point in between - from the vocodered robo-pop of French house to prog's soaring harmonies to the texture of shoegaze, IN GHOST COLOURS lands at some sort of trans-galaxial intersection between these disparate planets.

1.1 Feel the Love
1.2 Out There on the Ice
1.3 Lights and Music
1.4 We Fight for Diamonds
1.5 Unforgettable Season
1.6 Midnight Runner
1.7 So Haunted
1.8 Voices in Quartz
1.9 Hearts on Fire
1.10 Far Away
1.11 Silver Thoughts
1.12 Strangers in the Wind
1.13 Visions
1.14 Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
1.15 Eternity One Night Only

Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours

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