Cutthroat La: Reflekt

Cutthroat La: Reflekt
Title: Reflekt
Label: Demons Run Amok

Inspired by the streets and surrounded by personal, political, and religious chaos, CUTTHROAT LA uses music as a platform to express the truths that deception hides. Punctually for the EMP PERSISTANCE TOUR 2020 CUTTHROAT LA presents their second MCD "REFLEKT". Using a mixture of hardcore, beatdown, 90s hip-hop and thrash as a canvas to express their feelings about this crazy world we live in, CUTTHROAT LA is a band of brothers coming from different musical backgrounds to form a bond that can't be broken. Produced by nobody else then BILLY BIOHAZARD!

1.1 Trouble
1.2 Last Chance
1.3 Rat
1.4 Drown with Me
1.5 Never Settle

Cutthroat La: Reflekt

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