Cyclone Temple

Cyclone Temple: I Hate Therefore I Am

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Artist: Cyclone Temple

Artist: Cyclone Temple
Title: I Hate Therefore I Am

In the late-'80s, following lineup changes that found ZNÖWHITE guitarist Greg Fulton and bassist Scott Schafer joined by John Slattery on drums and powerhouse ex-Hammeron vocalist Brian Troch, a name change was imminent. Rechristened as Cyclone Temple, the group signed on with Combat Records and entered Normandy Sound in Warren, RI to track their debut album, I Hate Therefore I Am, with engineer Tom Soares. A soulful masterpiece of thrash, I Hate Therefore I Am hit stores in 1991, and Cyclone Temple toured with a variety of acts before being unceremoniously dismissed from their label during a Sony takeover. As such, the groundbreaking creativity, intelligence, emotion, and power of I Hate Therefore I Am unjustly failed to make it's mark. A frustrated Troch walked away, and Cyclone Temple soldiered on to release an EP (Building Errors in the Machine, 1993) with singer Marco Salinas, and follow-up album My Friend Lonely - with yet another frontman, Sonny DeLuca-before throwing in the towel in 1994.But, it's never too late to have one's mind blown to bits by a criminally underrated thrash classic such as I Hate Therefore I Am, so now, over 25 years later-and for the first time since 1999-Divebomb Records is proud to make I Hate Therefore I Am once again available on CD. Remastered by Jamie King at The Basement, the disc will be packaged with a retrospective essay featuring brand new commentary from Fulton, Troch, and Slattery; plus nearly 20 reverential quotes contributed by members of AFTERMATH and SINDROME (among others), as well as authors from Decibel, Rock Hard, and many more. You'll also find a reprinted Cyclone Temple interview feature from Detonator fanzine #2, conducted in 1991. For the fans, by the fans!

1.1 Why
1.2 Sister (Until Will Meet Again)
1.3 Words Are Just Words
1.4 Public Enemy
1.5 In God We Trust
1.6 I Hate Therefore I Am
1.7 March for Me - Die for Me
1.8 Born to Lose
1.9 Silence So Loud

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