Cyd Smith

Cyd Smith: Cyd Smith

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Artist: Cyd Smith

Artist: Cyd Smith
Title: Cyd Smith

"An extremely gifted songwriter form the Northwest, Cyd Smith sometimes sounds like a missing Roche sister on her fine self-produced CD." -The Bay Area Guardian "This is not your typical self-produced singer/songwriter project. There are no songs about war, old age, or the environment, yet this isn't another batch of love songs either. Cyd's view of the human condition is presented with off-beat arrangements and on-target lyrics that continually jolted me like a swift but gentle kick in the butt. Here is loneliness with humor, love with no illusions, and tears that fall at different angles...This recording is full of surprises, and though the word "refreshing" is overused in reviews, it certainly applies here." --Gryphon Gazette.

1.1 You Never Said Goodbye
1.2 Neon
1.3 If One of Us
1.4 Easy Come
1.5 Everything I've Got (Is Broken)
1.6 I Only Mean It When I Sing the Blues
1.7 Songbird
1.8 I'll Think of You
1.9 Next Time
1.10 I Wanna Take You Away
1.11 My Lover's Hands Are the Wind
1.12 Got a Date with Me

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