Cynthia Crane

Cynthia Crane: I'm Confused Therefore I Am

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Artist: Cynthia Crane

Artist: Cynthia Crane
Title: I'm Confused Therefore I Am

"Cynthia Crane is a cabaret treasure. Saucy, pert and emotionally as sharp as a stiletto, she alternatively can be funny, touching, wistful or serious. You'll have to look long and hard to find a more satisfying performer." Peter Leavy, Publisher, CabaretScenes Magazine " Cynthia strung them out like a fine pearl cabaret necklace . . . a lady filled with a love for life, unbounded energy, and enthusiastic about anything she decides to do. This show is a perfect demonstration of her dynamic personality - set to music . . . Pure entertainment." Stu Hamstra CabaretHotlineOnline 'Full of sparkle and fizz, biting into the lyrics with relish and delivering the wry and sly lines like well-aimed arrows, Cynthia Crane hits the mark time and again in her latest live album. It's one of the rare live cabaret recordings where the talk is really worth preserving as it's well thought out, to the point, sets up songs well and is entertaining rather than rambling or stating the obvious. The personality comes through with life-loving optimism and uncompromised sincerity underneath-and woven into-all the humor, whimsy and self-deprecating jabs and the jeers at societal and political attitudes. The set list is eclectic and suits the performer's sensibilities, with a few numbers reprised from earlier CD outings. She has a way of shining the spotlight on the dubious and duplicitous aspects of human nature, skewering them without sounding high and mighty. As the title indicates, she's ready, willing and able to confess her 'maybe it's just me' kind of puzzlement and personally perplexed perspective on things. Those looking for vocal purity and belting power can look elsewhere. Crane is a communicator, a peppery and pointed one, with a likeable sound and a heart and perhaps hard-won wisdom that shine through. She's funny. She dives into material. She's endearing, whether singing an unabashed valentine to her husband of many years with Rodgers & Hammerstein's 'I'm Your Girl' or comically cataloguing coupledom's carping and claustrophobia in Company's 'The Little Things You Do Together.' In the latter, she gets a sparring partner as terrific pianist Paul Greenwood spiritedly joins in with some vocals. He, along with the only other musician, talented bassist Boots Maleson, are longtime collaborators of this savvy songstress. The teamwork is tight, but somehow feels loose and off the cuff in much of the show. Nothing feels phoned in or distracted. She has great fun with Noel Coward's extra lyrics to Cole Porter's 'Let's Do It,' showing nifty comic timing on the many jokes. Dave Frishberg's 'The Hopi Way' let's her get zany as she sings about repressing urges to burst and criticize in the interest of pacifism/spirituality. The singer gives herself just as fully and convincingly to torch songs and ballads, with the well-crafted 'You Believe in Me' (Zina Goldrich/ Tom Toce) a treasure in it's craftsmanship and delivery. The lyric let's her make fun of herself for having 'two left feet' and being mushy as 'Cream of Wheat'-just one of the charming rhymes-while expressing her appreciation for the unconditional love of a partner, expressing awe and delight each time she sings 'you believe in me' so convincingly and lovingly. It all makes you believe in her, too. Cynthia Crane is a nominee for the cabaret world's MAC Awards which are held on Tuesday in Manhattan.' Rob Lester Talkin' Broadway "Cynthia tackles some of the most basic problems of human existence and personal identity . . . this show is, as all of her shows are, entertaining . . . light and funny." Barbara Leavy, CabaretScenes Magazine.

1.1 Club Intro
1.2 Carousel Prologue
1.3 Intro
1.4 Louisa
1.5 Intro
1.6 People That You Never Get to Love
1.7 Intro
1.8 The Little Things You Do Together
1.9 Be My Life's Companion
1.10 Intro
1.11 You Believe in Me
1.12 I'm Your Girl
1.13 Intro
1.14 Wet Night ; a Dry Martini
1.15 I Wonder What Became of Me
1.16 Intro
1.17 The Hopi Way
1.18 Intro
1.19 Let's Do It
1.20 Intro
1.21 City of New Orleans
1.22 Intro
1.23 Napoleon's a Pastry
1.24 Intro
1.25 Every Living Thing
1.26 Thanks and Birthday Song
1.27 Concrete Is the Answer
1.28 Club Ending ; Intro
1.29 For the Birds [Chanson de la Crane]

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