Cynthia Manley

Cynthia Manley: Free As a Bird

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Artist: Cynthia Manley

Artist: Cynthia Manley
Title: Free As a Bird

Mauricio lewak, aka 'fritz',and i have known each other since the 80' 1997, when i went to fritz about doing a CD, he was all ears. I bought him studio equipment, for his producer's fee, and together we co-wrote 12 tunes. He would give me tracks to work with, and i would come up with the story. Then we would do the tweeking together. We picked 8 tunes, and pulled in 2 david harvey favorites, and made this CD, 'free as a bird'. it was a fun project. One positive result of this CD was meeting james brown. He heard his tune, 'i love james brown', and i have been his guest at any show i want to attend, ever since. Now, if only he'd let me open up a show.... i just know he'd love me. :)i hope you enjoy the CD. Please tell me what you think. Spreading some love, Cynthia Manley.

1.1 Free As a Bird
1.2 Man's Got Talent
1.3 I'll Be Your Shelter
1.4 I Love James Brown
1.5 Afraid of the Dark
1.6 He Lost His Heart
1.7 You're the Only One
1.8 Wish I Had a Manual
1.9 My Religion
1.10 Share Love

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