Cynthia Todd

Cynthia Todd: Sing Me a Song Series 2

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Artist: Cynthia Todd

Artist: Cynthia Todd
Title: Sing Me a Song Series 2

Cynthia Todd Cynthia Todd is an educator, songwriter, singer and performer. Her music is published in the World of Music and the Sing Me A Song Series is published exclusively by Alpenhorn Press. Cynthia strives to bring children closer to their own imagination and develop a sensitivity for all life. Together with accomplished freelance artist, Cheryl D. Brain, delightful lyrics and tunes are transformed into illustrated song stories. Since the 1990's, Cynthia's music and books have been sung by children and educators in primary and elementary school classrooms in the Dept. Of Defense Dependent Schools - DODDS, the U.S. Domestic Dependent Schools - DDESS, International Schools in Europe and Asia and U.S. and Canadian School Districts. Her variety of song topics correlate with many curriculum areas.

1.1 Friends
1.2 Dusty and Poncho
1.3 Dem Bones
1.4 Don Miguel, the Iberian Bull
1.5 Eduardo Bellini
1.6 Heidelberg Castle
1.7 David David
1.8 Nessie
1.9 People from Outer Space
1.10 Mother Earth
1.11 Take One Hand

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