Cypress String Quartet

Cypress String Quartet: Piano Trio

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Cypress String Quartet
Title: Piano Trio

Jennifer Higdon's philosophy in composing is simple: make sure the music communicates. It is her goal to write music that speaks not only to the seasoned professional performer, but also to audiences that come to this music with all types.

1.1 Pale Yellow - Anne Akiko Meyers
1.2 Fiery Red - Anne Akiko Meyers
1.3 Blitz- - Nicholas Kitchen
1.4 Soft Enlacing- - Nicholas Kitchen
1.5 Grace - Nicholas Kitchen
1.6 Impressions - Tom Stone
1.7 Quiet Art - Tom Stone
1.8 To the Point - Tom Stone
1.9 Noted Canvas - Tom Stone

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