D-Ex: Good Mournin' Amerikkka

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Product Type: CD
Artist: D-Ex

Artist: D-Ex
Title: Good Mournin' Amerikkka

Growing up in a one bedroom tenement building in the streets of Jackson Heights, Queens was the best thing that ever happened to me. Why? Because the lack of space and the poverty that surrounded me forced me to turn to Hip Hop as a way to escape it all. The music that penetrated my ears as I sat in my living room on those late night weekends listening to the Spectrum City Crew (later known as Public Enemy), Kool DJ Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, and Mr. Magic/Marley Marl, took me to a place that knew no limits and made it possible for me discover what my purpose in life was...to help elevate the art of Hip Hop. For me, Good Mournin' Amerikkka is a nostalgic journey back to those days. This album emphasizes all of the important qualities of Hip Hop culture and more specifically, it's music. D-Ex successfully shows us the proper blueprint any Hip Hop artist should follow during the process of recording an album. Good Mournin' Amerikkka is rebellious, fearless, conscious and witty. What's more, originality, substance, and creativity are prevalent from the first song to the last. Whether you're a Hip Hop fan, artist or if you're simply curious to learn the reasons why this music is so powerful, I suggest you pop this CD in your player and let it take you on your own personal journey! Rob Swift.

1.1 Visual
1.2 Good Mournin' Amerikkka
1.3 Contraband
1.4 A Typical Day at War Against Devilz
1.5 Rappaz Suk
1.6 Food ; Drugz
1.7 Sleepin' Beauty
1.8 Busted Tube
1.9 Police Gunz Be Poppin'
1.10 The Assassination Will Not Be Televised
1.11 Hood Factor
1.12 Dusted Meditation
1.13 Gomar Oz Dubar
1.14 Tricknology Feat. Tat Money
1.15 Deadly Game of Survival

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