D.O.M Destruction of Mankind

D.O.M Destruction of Mankind: Necktie for a Noose

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Artist: D.O.M Destruction of Mankind
Title: Necktie for a Noose

D.O.M Destruction of Mankind was written,recorded and played by Dom alone using only live instruments with no digital help at all.Mixed and Mastered at Laughing Dog Studios by Bill Donnelly.You would be hard pressed to find musicians who have attempted and achieved this feat.A truly unique artist and sound mixing various dynamics of Metal,Hardcore and Punk.From the music to the vocal style,the intense message in the lyrics and the use of samples which frame the songs through out the album,bringing a movie like dynamic to the listener.Dom has set himself apart from traditional expectations.

1.1 Preeminet
1.2 Hardcore
1.3 Semiconscious
1.4 Soul
1.5 Genocide
1.6 Love
1.7 Justify
1.8 Rebel

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