D. Reed

D. Reed: Relativity

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Product Type: CD
Artist: D. Reed

Title: Relativity
Label: CD Baby

D. Reed is a 28 year old minister from Detroit, MI. He has been singing since his early childhood and began playing piano at the age of nine. Coming from a musical family, D. Reed always knew he would have a musical career to be a singer, songwriter or producer. D. Reed knew he had to fulfill his musical dream. D. Reed is an experienced performer who sang in the church and school choirs throughout his formative years. He began playing for the church choir at the age of twelve. As a producer he's contributed his musical talents with gospel artist Mark Holley, 1-A-Chord, and R&B artist Jay Michaelz. He has also produced with musicians such as Chico Debarge, Dana Davis, and Billy Meadows. D. Reed's debut album "Relativity" is the result of ten years of hard work. It is a blend of Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B, Neo Soul, Traditional as well as Contemporary Gospel music. His passion for God and music is present and evident in this project. He has set out to change music to better enlighten people through the word of God. D. Reed's work to date along with his debut is just the beginning. Prepare your soul for powerful good music with touching lyric's and a heartfelt presentation. Booking D. Reed: daylareed@yahoo.com p.o. box 402 Lincoln Park, MI 48246-9998 Phone:313-231-3616.

1.1 Intro
1.2 What Do You Do
1.3 In You
1.4 You Were There
1.5 I'll Run
1.6 Interlude
1.7 Psalm 29
1.8 Gift/Evermore
1.9 Fly Away
1.10 Raplude
1.11 Questions
1.12 Nobody
1.13 Strawberries N Cream
1.14 Broken Record
1.15 Steppers

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