D. Scarlatti

D. Scarlatti: Cat's Fugue / Sonatas for Solo Harpsichord

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Artist: D. Scarlatti

Artist: D. Scarlatti
Title: Cat's Fugue / Sonatas for Solo Harpsichord

For her second Lyrichord recording, the incredibly dynamic harpsichordist Elaine Comparone throws her 1972 Frank Hubbard into overdrive for a dazzling performance of works by the Italian baroque master, Domenico Scarlatti. Me-ow, Baby! Includes Sonatas in F minor K.239/187/183, in B minor K.197/409, in F-sharp minor K.25, in D-Major, K45/K.118, Fugue in Gminor K30, (The Cat's Fugue) and others."If there are any old-timers left who still think of the harpsichord as a quaint and fragile relic alien to red-blooded music-making, they should hear Elaine Comparone play it."-The New York Times.

1.1 Son in F, Kirkpatrick 239; Longo 281
1.2 Son in F, K.187; L.285
1.3 Son in F, K.183; L. 473
1.4 Son in B, K. 27, L.449
1.5 Son in B, K. 197; L.147
1.6 Son in B, K. 409; L.150
1.7 Son in F#, K. 25; L.481
1.8 Son in D, K. 45; L. 265
1.9 Son in D, K. 118; L. 122
1.10 Fugue in G: Cat's Fugue, K. 30; L. 499
1.11 Son in G, K. 12; L. 489
1.12 Son in C, K. 340; L. 105
1.13 Son in G, K. 201; L. 129
1.14 Son in E, K. 233; L. 467
1.15 Son in B Flat, K. 545; L. 500
1.16 Son in D, K. 213; L. 108
1.17 Son in D, K. 517; L. 266

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