D.W. Box: Make Way for the Time Change

D.W. Box: Make Way for the Time Change
Title: Make Way for the Time Change
Label: Darla Records

2017 release. D. W. Box is the electro-pop creation of Louisville native, D. W. Hunter. Tension, euphoria, and restraint combine to create 14 spellbinding tracks, each one rife with a complex level of intensity rarely seen in mainstream music. D. W. Box has the production, performance and programming chops to match her vexing, unconventional pop compositions. The result; a mind-bending, purely spectacular debut record from a gifted multi-instrumentalist, producer, and composer. Recommended If You Like: Lorde, Cat Power, Florence And The Machine, St. Vincent, Alicia Keys

1.1 Under My Skin
1.2 Tall Blonde Girls
1.3 It's a Good Life
1.4 Offline
1.5 Summer Came and Summer Went
1.6 Icdtot
1.7 Hanging on the Vine
1.8 That's When I Knew I Was Dead
1.9 It Goes Around Like This
1.10 She Takes
1.11 Strange Things
1.12 I Got the Headache from the Dream
1.13 Hitch a Ride
1.14 Pure Evil (Lunatic You Make Me Sick)

D.W. Box: Make Way for the Time Change

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