Da Mob

Da Mob: Hoodfellas Mixtape 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Da Mob

Artist: Da Mob
Title: Hoodfellas Mixtape 1

1.1 Intro (CT)
1.2 Real Hustla (Damob)
1.3 The GS' Is Back (Damob)
1.4 Beat Down (Damob)
1.5 GS' Up (Damob Feat. Lil Scrappy ; Pooh Baby)
1.6 How 2 Move (CT, Nu Money)
1.7 The Facts (Damob)
1.8 World Wide Pt.2 (Damob Feat. Boo, Bump, Wacko)
1.9 King Kong (Damob Feat. Vic Damone of the All-Stars)
1.10 Freestyle (Damob)
1.11 Bang on Em' (Damob Feat. Spaide Ripper)
1.12 F*Cked Up (Damob Feat. Rich the Factor)
1.13 Freestyle (Nu Money)
1.14 Freestyle (Young Will)
1.15 We Gettin It (Damob)
1.16 Straight (CT, Nu Money)
1.17 When I Move (Damob Feat. Baby D)
1.18 Freestyle (Damob)
1.19 Da Real Is Back (CT)
1.20 So Gutta (Damob)
1.21 Freestyle (Young Grip)
1.22 My Niggas (Damob)

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