Da Wood

Da Wood: Sex & Money Compilation 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Da Wood

Title: Sex & Money Compilation 1
Label: CD Baby

HOT, NEW, KILLER CD!!!! You get...SOULFUL HIP HOP,TRUE JAZZ, HAUNTING KNEE TREMBLERS!!...Stan & Da Wood cooked up this tasty treat. All together 11 Super Artists. Some are a part of the Total Control / Keene Management family, others are out of New York City and the Washington, D.C. area. Stan has made a name for himself internationally with his: 'Come Live With Me'; 'Stan's Theme,'; & 'E-Mail Xpress.' From Germany: Indigo Sanger's, 'The Groove Anthology House not House Compilation' CD features Stan's, 'E-Mail Xpress' along with Glance, Tamashi, Lorenzo, Taxi Driver etc. From England: Ashley Beedle's, 'Grass Roots Compilation' CD features 'Stan's Theme' along with Rufus with Chaka Khan, Freddie Hubbard, Tullio DE Piscopo etc. WORLD-WIDE Stan and his music have been felt and well received. Total Control Records... 'MUSIC YOU CAN FEEL'. Get your copy today! Terry West.

1.1 Parasucos
1.2 Joe Clair
1.3 Da Dough
1.4 Gangsta Shit
1.5 Player Haters
1.6 PPC (Clean)
1.7 She Don't Care
1.8 Sitting Beneath Da Sun
1.9 From Da Ghetto
1.10 Who's That Bitch
1.11 PPC (Street)
1.12 Spit That Shit
1.13 Rat Ta Tat
1.14 Da Message
1.15 Shake Something
1.16 Parasucos (Street)
1.17 Thank You
1.18 E-Mail Xpress
1.19 Lay You Down
1.20 Sexy Mama

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