Dads: Brown on Brown

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Artist: Dads

Artist: Dads
Title: Brown on Brown
Product Type: VINYL LP

After sevLimited vinyl LP pressing. After several years and a handful of singles, Brown On Brown arrives as the ultimate Dads record, equal parts ambitious and obnoxious, born out of obsessive scatological tendencies and the desire to translate an increasingly unruly live show to an LP format. Their 2015 debut finds the band moving through post punk squall, terror-jazz, and warped Exile on Main Street-inspired drug shuffle and never-ending prog epics. Recorded in the band's living room, Brown On Brown envisions a sprawl that extends beyond the stained couches and shredded pornography of its point of origin. Music sprung from messy brains, it's a leap forward for Dads, simultaneously into the future and into the toilet bowl.

1.1 Disco Dad
1.2 I'm a Shitty Ghost
1.3 Jerk Off My Mom's Church
1.4 Disco Dad 2
1.5 I'm Still Mad
1.6 Ride the Moon Into the Sun

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