Daevidius: Valley of Death

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Daevidius

Title: Valley of Death
Label: CD Baby

We want to tell you about worlds you never expected, maybe you don't even believe in them, in a really down to earth way with lyrics inspired by our own lifes. We think everyone is a precious diamond and we wants to give that to you. Whatever venue you are offering we are prepared to discuss it, however strange it might looks, and sounds. Daevidius want to shake your foundations of your world dealing with issues like God, Satan, struggle, religion, love, hate, satisfaction, alienation.

1.1 M.P.W.G
1.2 I Hate Religion
1.3 Sons of God
1.4 To War
1.5 Fight
1.6 Warrior King
1.7 Valley of Death
1.8 Fallen from Grace

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