Dagnasty: Minority of One (Translucent Green Vinyl)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Dagnasty

Title: Minority of One (Translucent Green Vinyl)
Label: Revelation
Product Type: VINYL LP

Minority Of One (translucent Green Vinyl) (UK) - Vinyl First release in a decade, DC punk legends reunite, Minority Of One features guitarist Brian Baker (Bad Religion) & vocalist Dave Smalley (All, Down By Law). The most anticipated album in Revelations 15 year history. 2002. [Explicit]

1.1 Ghosts
1.2 Minority of One
1.3 Bottle This
1.4 Broken Days
1.5 Your Words
1.6 Incinerate
1.7 Throwing Darts
1.8 White Flag
1.9 Twisted Again
1.10 Average Man
1.11 Wasting Away

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