Tom Dahill

Tom Dahill: Blackthorn Stick

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Artist: Tom Dahill

Artist: Tom Dahill
Title: Blackthorn Stick

'people have often told me that they would like to hear more'Pub Stuff' on my recordings. Here is a collection of standards, recorded with the help of Charlie Heymann from Clairseach. Charlie played the concertina on 'Verdant Breas of Skreen' and Doonaree'. The last half of this CD was recorded live at Tommy Scanlon's Dubliner Pub in St. Paul, Minnesota with two terrific Irish Dancers - Katie Stephens and Mary Gillick in December of 1999. The songs are all traditional. I tracked in accordion, whistle, bodhran and spoons and I tried not to get carried away. I hope you enjoy the music. I was just having fun.

1.1 Muirsheen Durkin
1.2 O'Donnell Abu/ Bold Robert Emmet
1.3 Mrs. McGrath
1.4 Verdant Braes of Skreen
1.5 Old Ballymoe
1.6 Black Velvet Band
1.7 Shoals of Herring
1.8 Homes of Donegal
1.9 Cushy Butterfield
1.10 Big Strong Man
1.11 Blackthorn Stick
1.12 I'll Tell Me Ma
1.13 Galway Races
1.14 Dirty Old Town
1.15 The Old Dun Cow
1.16 Jenny's Chickens
1.17 Doonaree

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