Dahveed: Planet Dahveed

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Artist: Dahveed

Artist: Dahveed
Title: Planet Dahveed

Dahveed Hebrew pronunciation for David biblically known as the" minister of music" "Send me, I'll go" rang from the lips of 6 year old Randolph Small during his first performance at church. It was clear to so many that this young man had the gift of song. Through the years of dealing with those that would rather take than give Dahveed decided to create his own outlet. Dahveed has a soulful, cutting edge sound fusing hip-hop, alternative and neo-soul derives from his diverse musical background. His unabashed gift and passion for his art lends to his persona and his music a veritable sense of hip-ness and coolness. Dahveed has a contagious charisma and unbridled passionate presence.

1.1 Intro
1.2 So High
1.3 Nana (Crazy)
1.4 I Won't Go
1.5 I Still Love You
1.6 Everything
1.7 How I Feel
1.8 The Conversation (Interlude)
1.9 Good Love
1.10 Tell Me
1.11 As We Dance
1.12 It's Over (Interlude)
1.13 Gave Your Love Away
1.14 This Time
1.15 Save You for Me
1.16 Give to the World

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