Daimon Brunton Quartet: My Favourite Things

Daimon Brunton Quartet: My Favourite Things
Title: My Favourite Things
Label: Newmarket

My Favorite Things is the hotly anticipated third release from the popular Melbourne jazz group, the Daimon Brunton Quartet. "It's strong melodically as well as having some harmonic ideas which I think are quite cutting edge," says Daimon. "But beyond all the Avant-garde stuff, what I'm really trying to achieve is music that is beautiful. I'll always go for beauty over impressive." the album begins with a piano accordion styled Parisian waltz and concludes with a soulful, New Orleans Bourbon Street parade. In between listeners are taken on a world journey with stops at some bass-popping funk and Arabesque trumpet solos. The title track is Daimon's harmonisation of the tune Coltrane made popular in jazz circles, featuring none other than the organ at Melbourne's own St Francis' church. "Needless to say it's a very, very big sound," comments Daimon. Daimon's drive to push the boundaries of the sound and form of contemporary jazz is also evident in his use of writing a couple of tunes in rondo form. "That's something no one really uses in jazz, but it turned out to give US more storytelling power," he adds.

1.1 The Wizer
1.2 Europa
1.3 It Is What It Ain't
1.4 3 People, 2 Chairs, 1 Hof
1.5 My Favourite Things
1.6 Hayley
1.7 Elroy
1.8 Yuckeldeenah
1.9 I'm Cheap! Buy Me Now!!

Daimon Brunton Quartet: My Favourite Things

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