Daiquiris: Reschedule Your Riot-EP

Daiquiris: Reschedule Your Riot-EP
Title: Reschedule Your Riot-EP
Label: CD Baby

Armed with a love for aggressively hooky music and a appreciation for a wide scope of styles, Albany native Dack Conroy set out to Boston to form The Daiquiris and finally put channel his crazy ideas' into willing listeners' headphones and speakers. If the debut album is supposed to provide a clear thesis of what that band is striving for, the Daiquiris have certainly left their options open. Running the gauntlet from straightforward bratty punk to piano pop, even briefly trying on some ska influence-and that's not even to say anything of the EDM-tinged anthemic lead single One More Year, weaves between processed beats, acoustic licks and cranked-to-11 power chords. While the whole affair clocks in at a mere seventeen minutes, it makes a pretty compelling case that the Daiquiris are poised to become a very distinctive part of Boston's dynamic music scene.

1.1 Bending Silverware
1.2 Gtfola
1.3 One More Year
1.4 Slow Cooker
1.5 Alibi

Daiquiris: Reschedule Your Riot-EP

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