Dale Berning: Horse & Camel Stories

Dale Berning: Horse & Camel Stories
Title: Horse & Camel Stories
Label: Flau

A beautiful collection of soundtracks by Dale Berning, a French/South African musician based in London. Recommended for fans of Colleen, and laptop folk and sound art in general. The sound of music boxes being played amidst water running on stones, bathroom taps dripping, a wind-chime, a clock, a record player. Includes tracks originally composed for Hiraki Sawa's film 'Going Places Sitting Down' as well as 5 bonus tracks from other film work.

1.1 Vase
1.2 Room
1.3 Swimming
1.4 Carpet
1.5 Shadow Moving
1.6 Another One
1.7 Piano
1.8 Fireworks
1.9 Beat
1.10 Jungle
1.11 Central Heating
1.12 Oven
1.13 Ship and Camel
1.14 Keyhole
1.15 Flock
1.16 Walking a Circle
1.17 Caravans Rail
1.18 A Three-Pane Window
1.19 Cloud

Dale Berning: Horse & Camel Stories

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