Dallas Manly

Dallas Manly: How Good It Is

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Artist: Dallas Manly

Artist: Dallas Manly
Title: How Good It Is

From the very beginning of this project, I asked God to give it a purpose, to provide moments of "be-still" worship. I wanted to create the feeling of stealing away and relaxing in the greatness of the Lord. Songs are ordered thematically, and in some instances connected to enhance the worship experience. My prayer is that God's message of love and sacrifice would compel us to worship Him in spirit and truth. I hope you enjoy it. Song highlights - How Good It Is - The past 3 years has been marked by transition. The culmination was the start of a new church plant, in a school cafeteria, obviously not 'optimal' conditions for a place where you think good worship might take place. In a particularly sweet time of worship at home, I thought about how the location or surroundings didn't matter nearly as much as the proximity of our heart to the Father's. This song fit so well as an invitation to worship with this album because whether you are in the privacy of your car or your home, or in a corporate setting, the presence of the Lord to the believer is a cherished blessing. Revelation Song - I am drawn to the imagery of this song. I have heard scripture refer to the beauty of Christ, and I feel the awesomeness of John's reverence as he falls on his face at the site of the Lamb in Revelation. This song, to me, captures that. I love the spontaneity of praise that develops at the end.

1.1 How Good It Is
1.2 Almighty
1.3 Sing to the King
1.4 You Are God Alone
1.5 You Are My Hiding Place
1.6 Cross of Love
1.7 You Humble Me
1.8 Worthy Is the Lamb
1.9 Revelation Song
1.10 Captivate Us

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