Damarra Chanel

Damarra Chanel: Ol' Skool Gospel

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Artist: Damarra Chanel

Artist: Damarra Chanel
Title: Ol' Skool Gospel

Are you looking for a CD that you can just let play in your stereo? Well this CD is just that! It is comprised of 12 gospel hymns and spirituals with a touch of Jazz and opera. Also, this is not a CD that just has electronic beats. Nope! If you get this CD you will hear a live band with a piano, saxophone, drum set, and bass. This is a one of a kind album and guess what?!? THE SINGER IS ONLY 16 YEARS OLD! Then, if you hear a choir of soprano, alto, and tenor, THAT'S HER TOO! This is just not any CD but it is a universal strategy to minister and help spread the gospel of the one and only JESUS CHRIST! Which means, you definitly have to get this! This CD will bring you joy, happiness, and a sense of hope while praising and spreading the gospel of Jesus. Again, let me remind you, THE SINGER IS ONLY 16 YEARS OLD!!! DaMarra Chanel Underwood is now a senior in high school and also taking college courses as well. She is not only talented but intelligent too! She loves the Lord with all her heart and soul and enjoys spreading the gospel to draw more people to JESUS CHRIST!

1.1 Yes Jesus Loves Me
1.2 Amazing Grace
1.3 I Will Trust in the Lord
1.4 Blessed Assurance
1.5 I Won't Complain
1.6 I Want Jesus to Walk with Me - Melody
1.7 Oh I Want to See Him
1.8 The Lord's Prayer
1.9 His Eyes Is on the Sparrow
1.10 Oh How I Love Jesus
1.11 I Surrender All
1.12 Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

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