Damien Leake

Damien Leake: Music of Life

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Artist: Damien Leake

Artist: Damien Leake
Title: Music of Life

Born in the Bronx, and a graduate of NY's High School of Performing Arts. As a young boy, he once heard his father say that 'if Damien wants to do something, Damien will find a way to learn it, or teach himself how to do it. Damien has been doing just that ever since. Mr. Leake has performed as an actor/ singer/ dancer/ director/ musician/ composer/ musical director/ vocal arranger/ playwright/ stage fight choreographer and ventriloquist at various points in his acclaimed career. As an actor he has appeared on Broadway, Off Broadway and in regional theaters throughout the country in a variety of classical and contemporary roles. Thus the theatrical influence on his music. His other musical influences? Paul Simon, Smokey Robinson, Laura Nyro, Stephen Sondheim, Sam Cooke, Lieber & Stoller...and a countless host of unheard of others, along with every drama and adventure he has personally been involved in or heard tell about. This collection of songs {MUSIC OF LIFE}is a sample of some of those adventures put to music. As it goes, every sound of these recordings was produced by Mr. Leake. A self-taught musician/composer, his first musical CHILD OF THE SUN (for which he also wrote the book) received The Richard Rodgers Production Award. Some of his other compositions are LIVING IN THE RHYTHM SECTION and DRIP BY DROP BY LEAKE(a cabaret piece). He is also the author of dramas - TILL SUNDOWN TOMORROW [STORIES MY FATHER TOLD ME.] and WE BOYS. He is currently working on a new musical THE GHOST OF JOHNNY HERO.

1.1 Songs for Sale
1.2 Riding on the I.R.T
1.3 King of the Mountain
1.4 Perfect Couple
1.5 Travesty
1.6 Love Out of Season
1.7 History of Things to Come
1.8 Hard to Be Cool
1.9 Midnight Man
1.10 Harmony
1.11 Righteous Men
1.12 Music of Life

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