Damn Handsome & the Birthday Suits

Damn Handsome & the Birthday Suits: Decapitate the People for the Government

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Artist: Damn Handsome & the Birthday Suits
Title: Decapitate the People for the Government

Damn Handsome & the Birthday Suits Forfeit Afternoon EP Out Now Decapitate the People for the Government EP February 2010 Turn of the Century Union Hall Protest Sound LP Summer 2010 "I am never gonna mind my mouth," grunts The Reverend Rob Barrett, front-man for the San Francisco Bay Area three-piece, Damn Handsome and the Birthday Suits. Reverend Rob's sentiment symbolizes the foundation of this group's lyrical and overall message, which the band lays down loud and clear on their upcoming series of EPs. Preceding the release of their full-length debut, Turn of the Century Union Hall Protest Sound, Damn Handsome and the Birthday Suits has released Forfeit Afternoon and Decapitate the People for the Government, revealing a musical narrative that undoubtedly takes listeners to the frontline of today's social and political climate. With a line-up comprised of a former jazz saxophonist, a software engineer, and a gospel musician, one might think Damn Handsome and the Birthday Suits' forte would lie outside of the typically stripped-down sound connected with the punk-rock genre; however, the band specializes in just that - their debut singles, "Pink Flamingoes," "Tooth Decay," and "Delectable," bring back what Tommy Ramone appropriately called "no bull-shit rock and roll." no-nonsense mentality introduced to the underground rock scene nearly forty years ago. DH's debut EP, Forfeit Afternoon, available via iTunes, is already generating buzz in the bay area. Punk editor, Pete Hamm, of San Francisco's own music publication Caught in the Carousel, describes the debut EP well, revealing the group's "biting satirical sarcasm to social and political issues." In addition, East Bay Expresses' Nate Seltenrich has endorsed the band's EP as "absolutely worthwhile," stating the tracks "draw deftly from pop-punk and glam rock, like Green Day circa 1995 crossed with Green Day circa 2005, spitfire included." While such comparisons resonate with the masses, Damn Handsome and the Birthday Suits offer crowds with true punk ideals paired with a refreshingly ska-yet-grunge feel, placing the band into a new genre, which they have suitably termed "cocktail punk." Audiences will bare witness to Damn Handsome and the Birthday Suits' inventive sound this coming summer as the band takes on the West Coast in support of their debut full-length, due out mid-2010. Born in the Spring of 2008, bassist Jack Dunham joined guitarist/vocalist The Reverend Rob Barrett to form Damn Handsome and the Birthday Suits - The two men with somewhat traditional punk principles yet strikingly "untraditional" punk backgrounds. Bassist Jack Dunham started plucking a bass in his teens after years of classical training on clarinet and piano. Before his successful stretch with rock band 7 Karma Fishes, who signed to Meldac Records and enjoyed several years of international success at the height of the 90s grunge scene, Rev Rob was a semi- professional jazz saxophonist. Along with their abilities as multi-instrumentalists, DH's influences are just as eclectic: the group names alt-rock legends Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, The Dead Kennedys, Nirvana, and Fugazi among it's inspirations, with R&B and fusion artists Mint Condition, Slint, Critters Buggin,' and the gospel and jazz genres playing lead roles in DH's creative process. The combination of these complex musical histories are what make Damn Handsome and the Birthday Suits resonate with all the fans who have been waiting for a band that offers a thirst-quenching, yet familiar rock-to-the-core sound. Joining them on this record for performance is the legendary Steve Bowman of the Counting Crows. Steve performed on August and everything after for the Counting Crows. He did a SMASHING job of bringing these tracks to life.

1.1 Angels
1.2 Days
1.3 Forfeit
1.4 Incredibles
1.5 Delectable
1.6 Tainted Love
1.7 Another Day
1.8 Pink Flamingos
1.9 Mission from God
1.10 Tooth Decay

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