Damn Yankees: Don't Tread

Damn Yankees: Don&
Title: Don't Tread
Label: Collectables

It wasn't surprising that Damn Yankees were a huge draw in the early '90s-their members included Ted Nugent, Styx's Tommy Shaw and Night Ranger's Jack Blades! This 1992 Warner Bros. LP was their second and final album, a polished piece of pop-metal featuring the #20 hit Where You Goin' Now plus Dirty Dog; Mister Please; This Side of Hell; Uprising, and more!

1.1 Don't Tread on Me
1.2 Fifteen Minutes of Fame
1.3 Where You Goin' Now
1.4 Dirty Dog
1.5 Mister Please
1.6 Silence Is Broken
1.7 Firefly
1.8 Someone to Believe
1.9 This Side of Hell
1.10 Double Coyote
1.11 Uprising

Damn Yankees: Don't Tread


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