Damon the Gypsy

Damon the Gypsy: Song of a Gypsy Remastered

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Damon the Gypsy

Title: Song of a Gypsy Remastered
Label: CD Baby

'Song of a Gypsy' is the #1 most sought after vinyl album of all time. It is listed at $3,500.00 per copy. This recording is considered by all experts as one of top 5 albums from the psychedelic era. 'As gypsy music is flavored by the stops along the way, ours too is spiced by fellow minstrels who play throughout the land.' It was my reaching out through music to let others know that they are not alone. There are many of us with 'gypsy souls' who are sensitive to love's unfathomable depth. The original album, 'Song of a Gypsy', represented the beginning of my search for love and the meaning of life. However, since music production has changed over the years, I felt it necessary to bring my music up to today's sonic standards. In my quest to reach this goal, I commissioned the innovative mastering techniques of John Vestman. Those with true gypsy souls should not miss this musical experience.

1.1 Song of a Gypsy
1.2 Poor Poor Genie
1.3 Don't You Feel Me
1.4 Did You Ever
1.5 Funky Funky Blues
1.6 Do You
1.7 The Night
1.8 I Feel Your Love
1.9 Birds Fly So High
1.10 The Road of Life

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